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Art. 453 – Samaritan 350P defibrillator

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Product Description

Samaritan 350P defibrillator

Weight: 1.1kg (included cartridge).
Size: 20cm x 18.4cm x 4.8cm (with inserted cartridge).
User-friendly: 2 buttons (on/off and shock); audio and video instructions. Audio instructions are pronounced clearly, slowly and calmly: they are repeated until the actions are performed by the rescuer.
Shock algorithm SCOPE™ – the patented biphasic waveform, developed after experiments and clinical tests validated by the scientific community, automatically adjusts for patients impedance differences.
CPR Coaching – The integrated metronome prompts the chest compressions rates during CPR.
Pad-Pak™ – this cartridge combines electrodes and battery and has been specifically designed for the easy application even for ordinary people or nervous rescuers. 3 versions are available: one is suitable for adults and children over 8 years of age and/or above 25 kg in weight; one is suitable for children below 25 kg in weight; one is for professional use.
Pediatric use – 350P detects the shock energy to be applied according to the type of cartridge.
Index of Protection IP56 – suitable for use in any weather condition. Tested in compliance with the highest technology and safety standards. Weekly self check.
Upgradeable: the device is supplied along with updated guidelines (AHA/ERC 2010), but it can be upgraded through the included USB cable and the free software SAVER® EVO, downloadable on the website of the producer.
Recording of events – At each use events are recorded with the date, time, ECG, CPR intervals and the shock delivery parameters. These data can be downloaded on a PC through the free software. Designed on the basis of the specific use and maintenance outside hospitals.

Main advantages of 350P compared to other brands

  • Compact and lightweight – it is the smallest automated defibrillator on the market (28-56% smaller, on the basis of the compared device) and the lightest device (1.1kg battery included).
  • User-friendly – Audio and video prompts (“Apply electrode pads”, “Do not touch patient” and “Patient can be touched safely”) help users during the whole process, even in noisy places or in case of hypoacusia. It can be used inside its bag for quicker use.
  • SCOPE biphasic waveform – this technology adjusts wider ranges of patient impedance than other brands: the best life-saving therapy with the lowest level of side effects for heart cells.
  • High resistance – The Index of Protection IP56 is the highest protection level against dust and water splashes from any direction: rain, water splashes, humidity, mud and dirt particles do not affect the efficiency of the defibrillator

Main Advantages of buying a defibrillator

  • The new OT24 offers reductions of the INAIL premium for companies that buy semi-automatic defibrillators (AED) and train their workers with Blsd courses (Basic life support defribillation) to instruct them how to perform saving skills in case of cardiac arrest, which in many cases can make a difference

Technical schedule:
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Conformity declaration:
the schedule is protected by password, to obtain it fill the form in “Contacts” page.

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